Know Everything About Quicken Bill Pay

By | September 3, 2018

With the help of Quicken Bill Pay, you can directly pay your bills through your Quicken a/c. The only thing you require is Quicken app installed on your device. Several financial platforms are there that are supported by Quicken bill pay feature that means, you need not install multiple apps for different bill payments. To know more about this, use Quicken Support Chat or carefully read our blog.

To access the Quicken bill pay feature, login to the respective website with the help of given link:
Quicken bill pay is one step solution for all your payment requirements. From paying your house rent to buying a car, every payment can be done in a fraction of second.
Distinguishing features of Quicken bill pay:

- Bill pay is a great solution for all your billing requirements, as it supports more than a thousand institutes.
- Economical way to pay bills, as it only charges $9.95 for 0 payments.
- Also, payments can be scheduled and whenever a payment appears, you will get an email notification.
- You can check the information of all your payments.
- Free to add up to 10 bank accounts at a time.
- The reimbursements of $50, in case of delay in payments

Let me tell you how can you use Quicken Bill pay?

There is no hard and fast rule for the functionality of Quicken bill pay. Just log in to the Quicken, go to the link of Quicken bill pay web-page and check-in with the help of your bank a/c. Quicken saves your information,so that you need not add bank a/c every time you wish to use this feature. So, whenever you want to make payment,
you are supposed to add the amount to move further.The other good thing is that you can schedule payment even for future purposes. For say, you can set due
date of your electricity bill and Quicken bill pay will make payment for you on the prescribed date and time.

Learn how to use Bill pay in Quicken App ?

- First, go to Quicken menu and click on Tools option there
- Now, tap on Quicken bill pay option
- Select Learn more about Quicken Bill Pay
- From there, set up Bill pay on your Quicken app

How to set up Quicken payee?

A payee is an individual or the organization to whom money is transferred. Quicken payee can be anyone from your tenant to online shopping sites.You have to add your payee’s basic information, like bank details, Name, Contact Number, and address. But there ’s no need of private/financial details. You may also save information for future convenience.

Perform these steps to set up the payee:
- Open the Quicken menu >> tools >> Online Payee list
- Select New option
- Enter Payee’s name
- Enter Payee’s address
- Enter details regarding a/c number and contact number
- Now,Re-check all the details followed by pressing 'OK'

Once added, the details will be stored in your Quicken app, and help you in making your payment faster.For more help, make a call at 'QUICKEN SUPPORT (1-866-292-4631)' and talk with our experts. They will surely help you in clearing all your- doubts.

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